Chicago, June 2013

Recently visited Chicago, the City of the Big Shoulders. One of the days was foggy. How did that fog come in? On little cat feet, maybe? It was gone the next day. Click a photo for a larger version.

High Flight

Back when I was in high school in the late 70s, television stations actually ended broadcast for the day. What often directly preceded the impending
TV “snow” was the poem heard in the video below, High Flight, by aviator John Gillespie. The short film depicted an airplane doing all kinds of tricky maneuvers as the poem’s words were intoned. Yeah. If you were going to “Slip the Surly Bonds of Earth,” this was how you did it, in a shiny, American, cold-war airplane. It’s still unclear to me what any of it had to do with signing off, but what it actually meant was, “Look — the broadcast day is over. This station has done all it can for you today. No more Petticoat Junction reruns. Nothing more to see here until 6 am. Get some sleep. Goodnight.”

Ye Old Website

If you visit this website regularly, and not too many do, you’ll notice things are looking a little different. This will probably continue: a new design is in the works, and its pieces will be added bit by bit. Fortunately, things should still work: all the mind-numbingly brilliant content is still available. Plus, I know you’re probably grateful that you don’t have to look at an “Under Construction” animated gif that made 90s websites fantastic.

All the Lack of Posts

Coach and Madonna at the Saints Paul Saints exhibition game

Sometimes, if you’ve spent enough time without a new post, it’s necessary to offer some sort of explanation, some reasonable story as to why you haven’t updated your website in so long. Or, maybe it isn’t necessary. It’s just possible that no one actually cares one way or the other, particularly if no ipo is forthcoming. In any case, let’s just say that various kinds of life events have interfered with the process and caused various kinds of distraction. One such event is shown in the picture here, the “coach” character at a recent St. Paul Saints exhibition game. He lead us all in exercises between innings, feigned irritation with the Saints mascot “Madonna” (also pictured), and wore what appeared to be a fake mustache.

Maybe the real problem, ie., what caused “lack of post syndrome,” was all the tree pollen in the month of April.