Of Bagels and the iPhone!

iphone using coverflow

Recently, it’s come to light that Apple is being sued over “unlocked” iPhones. What’s an unlocked iPhone? Well, it’s an iPhone that has been altered to work with other cellular networks besides AT&T, the standard carrier for the iPhone. Unfortunately for those who have now brought suit, the iPhones that were unlocked were then broken (or “bricked”) by a software update issued by Apple.Well, Suppose you buy a toaster. On the box the toaster is sold in, a caption reads: “This quality toaster is designed for use with medium sliced bread only. It will not work with bagels. Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to toast bagels with this toaster, since the bagels are likely to become stuck in the toaster. Please Note: The company that produced this fine toaster will void its warrantee if you attempt to toast bagels with this toaster. You know something? If you try toast bagels with this toaster, you’re on your own, bub. Enjoy your toast!”So, you get the toaster home. What’s the first thing you try and do with your new toaster? Just to prove the company wrong, you jam a bagel in the toaster.Voila! It works! It works for a while. You christen yourself a genius. Then, one morning, a bagel gets stuck. You try and get it out with a fork. You break the toaster. You’re mad. You sue the toaster company.You are a maroon, aren’t you?

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