Carol Channing Reads the CNN News Crawl

It’s day 4 of the writer’s strike. The slogan for their strike is “Pencils Down.” It’s a slogan that brings to mind the world of high school and an overly officious teacher who tells you to put your pencil down or else. Here’s another try: “The Day the Cliches Died.”

Anyway, with writers striking and late-night television comedy affected first, it’s time for the many content creators of the web to take up the slack and fill in the void. Below is a little creation Commander Trombone likes to call “Carol Channing Reads the News Crawl for CNN,” and it may be an indication that the strike should be concluded as soon as possible.

(Note that it’s not really Carol Channing reading the CNN News Crawl.)

One thought on “Carol Channing Reads the CNN News Crawl

  1. HA! You totally emulated her on “suggests” and during the whole later part of the newscast. Tears of laughter streaming down my face.

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