Everything Must Go

Today is the day of the big rapture, so it might be fitting to consider a few tunes for the end-times. Of course, many people are familiar with REM’s It’s the End of the World As We Know It, but how many have heard Mose Allison’s Ever Since the World Ended?

And, let’s not forget man-made Armageddon. In the movie, Dr. Strangelove, Slim Pickens rode the atomic bomb down to the earth to Vera Lynn’s We’ll Meet Again.

April Mea Culpa

First things first: it’s time to apologize for the lack of updates here in the month of April. April, which according to poet T.S. Elliot is the cruelest month, is also Jazz Appreciation Month, and National Poetry Month. Cruel, certainly. There were horribly destructive tornadoes in the southern U.S. (Learn more, and how you might help, here).

Fortunately, it’s always jazz appreciation month on this website. Some jazz-in-April links: Over at Jazzwax, Marc Myers is up for two jazz journalist association awards. David Brent Johnson’s Nightlights radio show featured bassist Scott Lafaro, amongst others. Undated, but musician Danny Barnes wrote a great article about how to play in someone else’s band. Don’t forget Donna over at Elements of Jazz dot com. She’s got the Twitter Jazzerati list over there, as well as other great stuff.

And the weather? It was also too cold for April in Minnesota, even in Minnesota. More soon…

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

It’s Sunday, which means that, at least today, it’s link roundup day. Well, it’s impossible to round them all up, but here are a few: Over at Jazzwax, Marc Meyers would like to remind you that he’s on Twitter and other social networks you might be on.

Through the grapevine, or the internets, or the Series of Tubes, Marc passes along a link to a radio show about guitarist Mary Osborne. The show on which Osborne was featured, Night Lights, was produced at public radio station WFIU in Bloomington, Indiana and is hosted by David Brent Johnson. Incidentally, you can hear Osborne play on this Art ford Jazz Party kinescope from the internet archive. Sidenote: Back in the day, when I was doing graduate work in Jazz Studies at Indiana University, I used to bother Johnson at the Borders where he worked. Of course, he took copious care of the jazz CD section, but the Borders has gone the way of the dodo.

Donna M of the Elements of Jazz website is a blogger for Grammy dot com. Read her take on the Grammys here, called Jazzed at the Grammys.